Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

June 19-20, 2010

The 1st Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium coming up in Eugene, Oregon June 19-20!

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New Website Added: The Bigfoot Field Reporter

Posted by The HubMaster on Wed Feb 10 18:00:42 GMT 2010

We have added a new Blog to our Websites database: The Bigfoot Field Reporter.

(This Blog has actually been around since mid-2009 ... not sure how we missed it!)

There have been some interesting and insightful articles coming out of this Blog lately.  For example, today Sharonlee has posted an article about Steve Kulls, a bigfoot researcher whose name may or may not be familiar to some of you.

While Sharonlee states in her post :

"The first thing that stuck in my head and in my heart when I listened to Steve was his work with disadvantaged children. It impresses me that he is not "All About Steve" and would take the time to care for another human."

...the first thing that stuck in our heads was she took the time to research Mr. Kulls herself and base her conclusions of him and his work on her own personal observations.

Whether or not you agree with her (and we're not in any way implying that you shouldn't), today's post regarding Steve Kulls is a good one.  -And we think you'll find many more good posts as you continue to read through some of the Bigfoot Field Reporter's previous entries.

Another great resource added here at the Hub!

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Posted Wed Feb 10 19:23:08 GMT 2010
Thank you so much for your kind words! Now the pressure is on for me to keep the intensity of my blogs at a high level! Sharonlee

Greg May
Posted Tue Dec 07 23:53:36 GMT 2010
Check out my story at www.florida-backroads-travel.com/the-adopted-legend/ about what I found in the woods while hunting.

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