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Bigfoot Video: YouTube Video Provides Theory Summary

Posted by The HubMaster on Wed Feb 03 16:56:25 GMT 2010

We stumbled across this video on YouTube and wanted to share it with all of you.

In 3 ½ minutes, this video pretty much sums up all the theories surrounding the Sasquatch phenomena in North America. 

The video covers off the full spectrum of theories from one extreme to the other.  Yes, you'll find them all here, including:

  • Flesh and Blood Creature
  • Supernatural Being
  • Government Conspiracy
  • The Alien Connection

Regardless of which camp you sit in, it's interesting to watch this and realize that lots of people believe lots of things about Bigfoot.

As always, we let our readers decide for themselves.

Here's the video.  Enjoy.



Linda Newton-Perry
Posted Fri Feb 12 22:41:47 GMT 2010
Great Video.

Gloria Grimaldi
Posted Mon Apr 05 23:49:09 GMT 2010
I have always believe in bigfoot, since the day I heard about him, I was only a kid, and then in the 60'sand 70's, is was not mention as it is now., I believe in him because somehow in my heart, or soul?, he is real. is like a natural thing for me, why, i have no idea, but if someone would laugh at me because i believe, that would make me sad, cause people like that needs to see, in oder to believe. some of the photos that i have seen, are real, some are not. the small amount that is real, i feel some kind of feeling saying " yep this is one of them". In the bible it talks of two living beings who share the same earth, but does not know each other, there has to be a reason of why all of a sudden, we hear more sightings around the WOLD of bigfoot., and other kinds of creatures that fly, who are big, creatures in the oceans, and more like a bigfoot, but not the same....there is a reason why now we are aware of them. Only God knows that answer..and I have a feeling we shall know too soon enough. in the video they mention a possible dimention, I agree, there has to be, because his there and then he has disapear, including his foot prints poof, gone. I don't know about the alien thing, but hey, anything can be posible.

Jesus Christ
Posted Tue May 25 03:09:16 GMT 2010
The film that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made in 1967 of Bigfoot was real. Here is what they filmed on October 20 1967. Several thousand years ago there were thousands of slaves that ran off around the world and started their own countries. When these slaves ran off there was a large group of men and boys that took off and ended up in Africa. Some of them were giants as tall as 9 ft. or even taller. The giant named Goliath that David killed with his slingshot was 9 ft. tall. Some of these men and boys went exploring to Borneo and used ropes to catch female orangutans and took them to Borneo and had sex with them and created the Indians. The men and boys that stayed in Africa used ropes to catch female gorillas and had sex with them and created the Africans. When scientists found the bones in Africa they thought we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. But it was a natural evolution it was a man made evolution. That's where all the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures come from. They are half man and half gorilla and half man and half orangutan. They use to call the Indians the red man. The orangutan has reddish hair. When those men bred out the hair the Indian's skin remained red. The gorilla has black hair and skin. When those men bred out the hair the African's skin remained black. Some of the Indians and Africans are tall. And some of the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures are tall. They are tall because some of the men that created them were tall. Some scientists believe that we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. Have you ever seen an 8 ft. tall chimpanzee? I haven't either. Bigfoot migrated up through Africa and came into the United States at the top of Africa when they were connected by land. The Orangutan creatures migrated up through Central America and came into the United States like the Indians did later on. The first Europeans that saw the Africans said that some of the African women had genitals that resembled that of a gorilla. If you look at the nose of an African you will notice that it is wide like the gorilla's nose. The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed in 1967 was half man and half gorilla. It was a female Bigfoot that they named Patty. Patty was not a man in a costume, she is not our missing link and she is not a figment of our imagination. Patty was a creature that was created by men that had sex with female gorillas and orangutans a long time ago. If you don't believe that humans and primates can reproduce hybrids, then watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHVFE02NTgU

Posted Wed Sep 01 15:05:05 GMT 2010
Hmm....video disabled, huh? Dang...well, I'll try to find it on the Y-tube myself... But that commment above from Jeebus....Holy cow....it's a might bit incendiary...in terms of racial stuff. But what do I know....I'm just a dumb white guy. Never had sex with any animals, don't plan on it.

Greg May
Posted Fri Nov 19 16:34:32 GMT 2010
Read about me and my buddy finding a baby skunk ape in the Florida woods while hunting at http://florida-backroads-travel.com/the-adopted-legend/hmtl. It's interesting that Florida has a lot of Bigfoot sightings.

Greg May
Posted Fri Nov 19 16:37:12 GMT 2010
You can google The Adopted Legend by Greg May to read the full account of Greg and Troy's remarkable discovery while hunting near Yeehaw Junction. The story is posted on florida-backroads-travel.com.

Posted Wed May 17 21:44:15 GMT 2017
Fuck you.

Posted Wed May 17 21:46:58 GMT 2017
Oh ya so cool

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