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June 19-20, 2010

The 1st Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium coming up in Eugene, Oregon June 19-20!

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We Are Foolish...

IVES:Where? How? Tell me how.
BF:I don't know. I can offer no instructions or dictums, no methods or messages. We have a word-geneasa-to describe a certain state of transparent receptivity, but it does not fit your language well. Love, that particular condition of love that approaches blessedness, is your closest equivalent, yet it is wholly inadequate. But I have said too much. It is one of my lifelong failings...though it pleases me in a simple way to die true to my character. Could I have more water please? The garrulous are always with thirst.
IVES:Hang on.
BF:(calling) Look closely: Do you see an image in the water other than your own reflection?
IVES:No, I don't. I see nothing.
BF:As it is.
IVES:(returning) Here, quickly, before it all spills. 13
BF:I do have a suggestion.
BF:Break all your mirrors.
IVES:I don't understand. 14
BF:You know, when I was very young I used to plague my teachers with questions about death. Why we died, and what it felt like. They all had different answers, some plain, some very beautiful. One day I asked Nescomale-he was very old then. For a long time he said nothing. Then he looked into my face a long time sadly, and handed me his joining stone. "Not in the flesh, not in the stone," he said. He knew I would have difficulty with death. He was right: I am very frightened. (long pause) And now I must ask you to leave me. Please, do not return until the sun has topped that fir tree. I will be dead. As a mouth-flower it would please me to have that blue iris by the stream side. Before you came I was admiring it. And then, by your kindness, burn my flesh and break and scatter the bone.
IVES:You wish me to leave now?
BF:Yes. And one more thing: I think to say this, a teaching from my early years, a lesson: The grass is foolish. It says to the wind: "Look how I dance!" The seaweed is foolish. It says to the wave: "See how I dance!" We are foolish. We say to ourselves: "See how I dance!"

13 He ignored the water and it all ran from my hands.

14 Like much of what he said, this injunction is open to the wildest speculation.