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Baby Bigfoots Arrive in Spring...

IVES:How many of you are there?
BF:Yes, many questions. But my voice is losing its gather as death comes on. May I appeal to kindness again?
IVES:More water? Yes, of course.
BF:No. I would ask you to care for my corpse. I would ask you to fire my flesh and break and scatter my bones. I ask, simply, that nothing remain that might identify me.
IVES:Yes, I will. I take it I am joined to secrecy.
BF:You may report our conversation.
IVES:Without substantiation I will be laughed at.
BF:Perhaps. But it is our way and I am bound to it.
IVES:Do you want me to be believed?
BF:Balance is always complex. Excess sometimes tips; sometimes it rectifies. I do not know, very simply. Usually I proceed with recklessness but in this instance considerations exist much beyond myself.
IVES:I will care for your corpse.
BF:Also, with us it is customary to place a flower in the mouth of the dead and a feather in each hand.
IVES:I will do that, too. I found some strangely-colored raven feathers this morning. I'm an ornithologist; I study birds.
BF:My other hearts would laugh knowing I rose on raven wings. The ravens and I have not been close since one of them stole my joining stone when I was young and would not return it.
IVES:A joining stone?
BF:Of value only to the individual. We hold them in our hands when we wish to be beyond ourselves-the shapes and volumes are helpful. But I am old and digress. Satisfy your curiosity quickly.
IVES:How many of you are there?
BF:I cannot tell you directly. Enough that it requires much energy to remain unknown.
IVES:Where do you live...your territory, your home?
BF:I can only repeat Nescomales excellent reply: "Just over your shoulder."
IVES:Geographically, I mean.
BF:There are no boundaries.
IVES:How long have your people been here?
BF:Our histories are water.
IVES:Are my questions inappropriate? You don't seem to answer them.
BF:Perhaps my answers baffle themselves. It has been said, "The excellence of the song is limited by the listeners ears in the same way the song limits the ears." No blame. I always found the saying clumsy, though.
IVES:Well, what can you tell me of your lives? Do you have houses, what do you eat, how do you mate-that kind of thing? 10
BF:Those are good questions, questions worthy of a man who follows birds. We do not have houses. Only in the winter do we require shelter, and then we go to caves. For us, winter is a ceremonial season, and much of it is given to foodlessness and towsinga-towsinga is much like your meditation practices, only rather than emptying the mind, the object is to fill it, to pursue images. As for food, we eat other beings-plants, animals, insects...there is no scarcity of things. We dry a few herbs for ceremonial use, and some roots for the snow season, but other than that we preserve nothing. As for mating, we are as you...though we lack your deep fascination with the subject. We mate at all times but we only conceive in early Spring, for our gestation period is exactly a year and Spring is best for birthing. It is part of our power, we think, that the dates of our conception and birth often coincide.
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10 It was my feeling that he was dismayed either at my questions or his allowance of them. It is also possible that he could not, or did not wish to, tell me. My change to the direct approach seemed to please him.