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Dr. Ives Finds the Priorian...

IVES:What is it?
BF:Approach. (long pause)
IVES:What happened? Who are you? 2
BF:Please move the stones from me. (sound of stones being moved; labored breathing)
IVES:I can't budge this's huge.
BF:Think of the stone.
IVES:(panting) What?
BF:Think of the stone. (labored breathing)
IVES:Got it, got it...there! (panting) Heavy. (long pause) 3
BF:I recognize my death. Would you bring me water?
IVES:Yes, yes...but I have nothing to hold it in. 4
BF:Bring it to me in your cupped hands. (footsteps, sounds of running water, footsteps again)
IVES:Here. (sound of drinking)
BF:Thank you. Your kindness is the pride of bone.
IVES:What happened? Who are you?
BF:My name is Shadarue. It indicates that I am of the moon families and it signifies the pale green color in the moon's ring.
IVES:What happened? 5
BF:We cannot speak where vision is sufficient. I'm sorry.
IVES:I'll go for help. My car is back on the skid road, I'll get a doctor, it won't...
IVES:It won't take long. Doctors can do amazing things.
BF:Death is more amazing.
IVES:You don't understand-they can save you. It is serious but they can save you. But I must go now.
BF:No. Stay to ease my spirit forth.
IVES:There's still hope. Hang on, I'll...  6
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2 My confusion under the circumstances is, I believe, understandable.

3 I can't explain my ability to move this rather large stone; it weighed perhaps 400 lbs.

4 In my confusion I neglected the obvious solution.

5 And in this instance I unfortunately belabored the obvious.

6 Although I am not a medical doctor, I have had professional training in vertebrate anatomy and physiology, and in my immediate judgement the injuries appeared fatal. I don't know why I lied.