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Conversations With Bigfoot - Introduction

This is an extraordinary story.

In 1975, while doing field research in Northern California, Dr. Gordon Langley Ives stumbled across, and had a dialogue with, the creature we commonly refer to as Bigfoot.

After reading this incredible account, you may ask yourself the same question we've been wondering: Where is that tape??!!??

So here it is, exclusively for our readers: Conversations with Bigfoot. Enjoy!


Conversations With Bigfoot
Copyright 1998 by Floating Island Publications
ISBN: 0-912449-16-0

Floating Island Publications
P.O. Box 296
Cedarville, California 96104

Conversations With Bigfoot was first published in Unjustified Margins, a regional street sheet distributed in Arcata, California, during the 1970s. It was subsequently reprinted in Floating Island I in 1976.

Publication of this book was made possible, in part, through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D.C., a federal agency.

What follows is the first recorded contact with a Bigfoot (or, as they evidently call themselves, a Priorian). We are convinced of the authenticity of the tape and Dr. Ives credibility. We submitted a copy of the tape to Dr. Spenser Grissom of the University of California Linguistic Studies Institute. Dr. Grissom is a widely recognized authority on voice prints and voice-printing techniques. We quote his response: Although the patterns and configurations are indisputably mammalian, it is impossible that they were produced by human vocal cords. It is my considered opinion, therefore, that you are dealing with a very clever hoax or an astoundingly articulate bear. Dr. Grissoms wit neglects the obvious that it is possible that the tape is authentic, that it is entirely conceivable that other variety of life could master our language. We leave it to our readers and posterity to decide.

From the editors of Unjustified Margins & Floating Island Publications


My name is Gordon Langley Ives. I was born in Portsmouth, England, in 1936 and came to America in 1959 to study for a Doctorate in Ornithology at the University of California, Davis. I obtained my Ph.D. in 1965, specializing in bird communication (movement, plumage, song, etc.). From 1966 through 1973, I was a Professor of Zoology at Portland University. In 1973, I received a four-year grant from the Ford Foundation to do further research on bird communications. I chose to center my research on the Piliated Woodpecker because they are near extinction and I hoped aside from my central research to gather ancillary data on their existence towards a program of preservation.

In March of 1975 I came to Northern California (I refuse to be more specific) to do field work. After locating an adequate study population, I set up a base camp and began daily field excursions. For the purpose of my work, I was equipped with a 16mm movie camera and a portable tape recorder. On May 1st, at approximately 7:30 a.m., in the field and equipped with only the tape recorder, I encountered a human-like creature who identified himself, using the English language, as a Priorian a species known to us as Bigfoot. He had, by visual evidence, been standing on a rock out-cropping above a stream when it gave way; he had fallen approximately 45 feet and, except for his head and left arm, was buried under stone and debris from the resultant slide. I surmised the accident had occurred sometime in the night, although this was not confirmed. Consequent direct observation revealed that the creature-persons ribcage, pelvis, and both legs were severely injured. I attempted to render what aid I could under the conditions (refer to transcription and notes), and to abide by the creature-persons instructions for the disposition of his body and the accompanying rites. Throughout the verbal encounter with the creature-person, I left my tape recorder running without his stated permission but I believe, not without his knowledge.

I hereby attest to the veracity of this statement, the tape recording, the transcription of the recording, and those notes of mine appended to the transcription.

The tape starts with a long whistling scream. 1

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1 This sound had a rather strange property of both attracting and repelling the listener.