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Why BigfootHub?

What is the reason behind BigfootHub? Simple. We got sick and tired of running all around the Internet trying to find good Sasquatch stuff -- much less navigating to all the various sites we already knew about.

Our browser "Favorites" bookmarks were out of control. Sometimes we'd forget to bookmark a site we wanted to return to, and then it would take us forever to find it again.

We wished we could just have lots of great Bigfoot content in one spot. Since we couldn't find that, we decided to create it ourselves.

Goal of BigfootHub

The goal of this site is to bring information about the very best Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Skunk Ape content the Web has to offer into one location.

We don't want to create new Bigfoot content; there's plenty of sites out there that already do that quite well. Our goal is showcase the best the web has to offer for anyone who's interested in the subject. It is our hope that by providing greater exposure to a broader range of Bigfoot content and websites that already exist, those sites will be inspired to continue to publish new and frequent information by being rewarded with more visitors to their sites and blogs.

So the purpose isn't to rip off anyone else's content...it's to show it off.

About Us

We have all been believers years. There's no doubt in our minds the creatures are real.

Family and friends, of course, think we're total quacks. It's okay. Throughout the years we've endured a lot of jokes, but it's always been in good humor and nothing malicious. -But we always hold on to the hope that, some day, irrefutable evidence will surface, and everyone will owe us a big fat apology.


BigfootHub.com is dedicated to The HubMaster's Uncle Bob. This one's for you Uncle Bob!

Feedback Welcomed and Encouraged

We have put a lot of time and effort into this site in our spare time. We kinda' like it. You might not. Or, maybe you do. We really don't know.

If you like the site, we'd love to hear about it. If you hate the site, we wouldn't mind knowing that either. If you know about some great content (websites, blogs, videos, etc) that we don't have included here, we would really appreciate you letting us know.

So, regardless of whether you like the site, hate the site, have a suggestion, or just want to sound off about something, please feel free to drop us a line using the Contact Form.

Please Enjoy The Site

We sincerely hope you enjoy the site. We've tried to make it both informative and enjoyable, and look forward to providing continued improvements and enhancements based on the feedback we receive from our visitors.


The BigfootHub.com Team